Welcome to the COAST Lab

The Coastal Oceanography & Autonomous Systems Lab at UCSB is run by Dr. Nick Nidzieko in the Department of Geography. Our goal is to advance knowledge of how physical processes affect marine ecosystems. We seek to make novel measurements using autonomous platforms and emerging sensor technology.

Construction is over!

After six months of construction (and nearly three years in the waiting), we’re moving into our new digs in Ellison 1620! There’s a ceiling mounted gantry crane, huge roll-up door,  fabrication space (drill press, band saw, 3D printer), and lights! (No more flood lamps!)   Before and after: 

The role of waves in air-sea momentum exchange

Another part of Dr. Fisher’s dissertation is out in JPO. Careful analysis of high-resolution water velocity and wind stress data in Chesapeake Bay points to the importance of the alignment between wind and waves for momentum transfer across the air-sea interface.

SBC LTER glider Olly

Olly went astray trying to maintain a shallow line along the coast near Arroyo Burro beach, so we had to go out and give him a ride back with Resonance.