New wave buoy!

Spotter serial no. 0139 showed up yesterday via UPS.

An important part of our upper ocean turbulence study is understanding how momentum transfers across the air-sea interface under evolving sea states–when the wind and the waves aren’t aligned. We’ll be looking at this locally when diurnal sea breezes come out of the northwest while the swell comes from the west. To measure the wave conditions that Callinectes operates in, we bought this sweet little wave buoy from Spoondrift. With the data this buoy collects, we’ll be able to quantify the swell and wind wave directions and periods, and watch how the turbulence evolves in response to the changing wave alignments.

We’re pretty excited to have this tool in the lab, and even more exited to get it into the water. We had to make do yesterday with a quick deployment in the ballasting tank…