Surf’s up! COAST Lab & the Coastal Fund will deploy a wave buoy off Campus Point

Good news Gaucho beach lovers! UCSB’s Coastal Fund has sponsored the deployment of a wave buoy off of Campus Point! The COAST Lab’s goal is to build a UCSB-centric ocean data portal, providing the UCSB community with a single place to find local wave, tide, and water quality information. Our hope is that this website will foster ocean awareness and help build a community passionate about coastal issues. 

We have financial support for two students to contribute to this project: a web developer and a social media & outreach coordinator. Both positions will work collaboratively together and in close guidance with Prof. Nidzieko.

  • The web developer will design and build a webpage displaying a range of ocean data, including from the wave buoy and data obtained via other publicly available data sources
  • The social media & outreach coordinator will develop a persona for the site, around which a social media presence will be built.

Both positions will require merging technology and a passion for the ocean. Additionally, students working in these positions will have the opportunity to assist in the mooring construction and deployment.

You can apply for these positions on our Opportunities page.