Construction is over!

After six months of construction (and nearly three years in the waiting), we’re moving into our new digs in Ellison 1620! There’s a ceiling mounted gantry crane, huge roll-up door,  fabrication space (drill press, band saw, 3D printer), and lights! (No more flood lamps!)   Before and after: 

The role of waves in air-sea momentum exchange

Another part of Dr. Fisher’s dissertation is out in JPO. Careful analysis of high-resolution water velocity and wind stress data in Chesapeake Bay points to the importance of the alignment between wind and waves for momentum transfer across the air-sea interface.

SBC LTER glider Olly

Olly went astray trying to maintain a shallow line along the coast near Arroyo Burro beach, so we had to go out and give him a ride back with Resonance.