UCSB Coastal Fund Buoy @ Campus Point

With support from UCSB Coastal Fund, the COAST Lab maintains a Sofar Spotter Buoy near Campus Point. The Spotter reports half-hourly wave and wind conditions every hour via a satellite uplink. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive destination for ocean conditions and news for the UCSB community.

Want to help? We’re always looking for motivated undergrads from UCSB.

Get data on Twitter (@ucsb_buoy) and, later this year, via Instagram (@ucsb_buoy). Stay up to date with COAST Lab on Twitter (@ucsboceanrobots).

Project Milestones
May, 2019 Real-time wave and wind conditions available at our Sofar dashboard.
Sept, 2019 The mooring line at Campus Point was cut, but we are still reporting nearby data from our NSF funded buoy.
Oct, 2019 Beta version of OLAS, Ocean’s Latest Aggregation System deployed. This Python-based script gathers data from our Spotter, NOAA and the airport.