UCSB Coastal Fund Buoy @ Campus Point

The UCSB Coastal Fund has sponsored a COAST Lab initiative to increase ocean awareness at UCSB. With their support, we have purchased a Sofar Spotter (a small wave buoy that reports hourly wave and wind conditions via a satellite uplink) and deployed it near Campus Point. Two undergraduates, Meg Begin-Roh and Adam Ernster, are working on the project to develop the outreach & social media component.

As of May 4, 2019, real-time wave and wind conditions can be found on our public Sofar dashboard.

Our plan is to grow this project and the data that we provide into a comprehensive destination for ocean conditions and news for the UCSB community. Stay up to date with the project on Instagram (@ucsb_buoy) and/or the lab Twitter feed (@ucsboceanrobots).