Updated May 7, 2019


The COAST Lab has a number of opportunities for undergraduates interested in research and/or ocean awareness activities.

Research into spatial variability of ecosystem metabolism. We seek students interested in conducting literature surveys, performing spatial analyses, and/or further developing a GIS database to catalog metadata from published rates of primary production in estuaries throughout the world. This project is described in further detail in the UCSB FRAP Directory.

Machine learning for acoustic quantification of kelp. Interested students will contribute to the annotation and analysis of sonar images as part of an ARPA-e project focused on advancing kelp aquaculture in the United States.

As always, we welcome other well-considered ideas that you bring to the lab.

To apply: send a CV/resume, unofficial transcript (a list of courses completed and your overall GPA is fine), and one-page statement describing your interests/proposed research to nidzieko@ucsb.edu


We seek highly motivated, creative individuals interested in combining aspects of environmental fluid mechanics, marine ecology, biogeochemistry and/or emerging technology to advance our understanding of the ocean.

The deadline for Graduate studies at UCSB is December 15. We will be accepting applications for the 2020 school year through either the Interdepartmental Graduate Program in Marine Science (IGPMS) or Department of Geography.